What is Accounting Software

In a business venture, business accounting software becomes a very important software in financial management matters. Most entrepreneurs are certainly no stranger to this application and some of them have started using it when managing finances.

For those of you who are new to getting to know and maybe planning to use accounting software, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss what accounting software is, its functions and benefits, as well as recommendations for accounting software that is suitable for your company to use. Let’s have a good look together.

Understanding Business Accounting Software

Accounting software is software creat by accounting professionals. The goal is to simplify business financial operations. The presence of this application certainly makes bookkeeping activities easier and faster, compared to manual bookkeeping. Accounting software is here to simplify the financial management process, both for businesses and individuals. Simple accounting or accounting software is usually us to manage individual finances that are not too complicat.

While accounting software for business generally has more features. Because business financial management is quite complicat. The features available in business finance applications are quite diverse. And can be us to complete many financial tasks at once.

Functions of Business Accounting Software

Until now, there are still many companies and businesses that use the services of financial consultants to manage their business finances. But actually you can manage finances using financial accounting applications which are also as profitable as using financial consulting services.
Accounting software has an automatic financial control function that makes business finances run smoothly, without hiring external services. With this application, novice businessmen, whether or not they have basic accounting, can manage business finances well.

In addition, the accounting application also functions as an increase in data accuracy and a means of making the right decisions. Because the system runs automatically and in real time, the processed data can be more accurate and with minimal errors. From this accurate data, it will be easier for you when you want to make decisions for future business progress. Business accounting software is also a data security as well as a good report maker, because it is equipp with powerful advanc features.

Recommended Business Accounting Software

Talking about types of accounting software for businesses, of course there are many types of applications that you can find today. In general. This financial application is divid into 2 types bas on the type of payment and how it works. You can choose free or paid accounting software, and applications with online or offline systems. In order not to be confused about which accounting software to use.

you can use the following accounting applications:

1. Jurnal.id

The first recommendation is business accounting software from the Journal. Jurnal.id is one of the accounting software that is very suitable for various types of businesses. With the existence of this application, of course you no longer need to bother doing the bookkeeping process which is classified as very complicated.
Usually, business bookkeeping includes financial statements of cash flows, losses, profit statements and many others. The purpose of this application is to make it easier for business people to make it easier to carry out the accounting bookkeeping process.

The existence of this application can make all financial needs run automatically. Of course, Jurnal.id is done using a very accurate system and can be done with a faster process.
All business people can manage the company’s books according to their needs. Of course, you can get this software in an easy way and can access it anytime and anywhere.

2. Cloudbooks

The second recommendation is the Cloudbooks application. This application is a software that is intended to be able to manage the company’s books to be more awake and can be managed properly. In using this application, business people can track transactions, both expenses and income.

What’s more, business actors can also create invoices and provide price estimates for the goods sold. Cloudbooks has a very attractive appearance and is easy to use for its users. This is one of the advantages that can be obtained from the Cloud Books application.

In addition, this application can also be used by various types of businesses in Indonesia. Be it supermarkets, minimarkets, grocery stores and other types of businesses. This application will also assist you in managing all bookkeeping activities by collecting all data entered into the system. This will certainly make it easier for you to be able to manage the company more optimally.

3. Harvest

Harvest has become one type of application that has a fairly high number of enthusiasts. This application can help business people in managing time and managing financial transactions more easily. Therefore, if you are in need of the type of application that implements project management.

Then this one software will be very suitable to use. The existence of this application is able to provide time settings. This is done by constantly monitoring the time spent by all company employees. This application is very useful for managing every performance in a company. In addition, business people can also make it easier for accountants to manage financial reports and process invoices. In fact, business actors can also get various kinds of information from various trusted sources. Not only that, this application can also be used in an easier way just by using a phone device.

General Features in Business Accounting Software

After you make a temporary choice on an accounting software, you need to check the completeness of the features before using it. A suitable business accounting or bookkeeping application is an application that has complete features starting from basic features. Usually good accounting software already has financial forecasting features to control and optimize finances. Furthermore there are billing and invoice management features which are used to manage various types of billing and invoices.

In order to minimize the occurrence of human errors, you can use an application that has an account reconciliation feature and an automatic financial report generator. Financial applications with financial report features can help you generate financial reports digitally in various versions.

Finally, there are purchase and sale management features, to manage transactions and asset depreciation management features to calculate asset depreciation. If these general features are already available, then you can explore the application by looking at the suitability of other features with business needs.

Benefits of Business Accounting Software

Based on the several functions it has, accounting software can also provide many benefits for business financial management. Some of the benefits of bookkeeping software are that business financial flows are more controlled, save operational costs, and increase data accuracy.

Data security and employee productivity are increasing, and decision making for business progress is made easier. Data security and employee productivity are increasing thanks to the features in the application that are sophisticated and diverse.

So, after seeing what the functions and benefits are, are you interested in starting to use business accounting software? This application can clearly improve data accuracy and optimize bookkeeping operational costs, so that your business can be more profitable.


Accounting software system is software that makes it easy for business owners to manage various processes related to finance, complete financial tasks correctly and quickly. This system does not replace the role of accounting managers in managing organizational finances, but instead facilitates their work so that they can work more productively.

Without the help of an accounting software system, a business owner or accounting manager could spend too much time creating financial reports, creating various documents, or reconciling bank accounts and statements. In addition, there will be a greater probability of errors, both technical and human errors that may occur in the process and results. This accounting software can help them get complete visibility into their financial condition, so that they can make wiser decisions.

Mekari Journal provides the most complete Accounting System that is in accordance with the tax system in Indonesia.

Our accounting system can be implemented in several ways, namely as on-premise systems, cloud-based systems, and mobile applications, according to the needs of each user. Mekari Journal is an online accounting program with financial reports such as balance sheets, cash flow, profit and loss, and others. The purpose of Mekari Jurnal is to facilitate the bookkeeping and accounting processes of business owners.

All companies and entrepreneurs definitely want good administration while there are still many companies who have difficulty managing good administration, that’s why Mekari Jurnal is here as Simple Online Accounting Software to support business success. By using Mekari Jurnal, it saves more time on administrative and operational processes, at an efficient, effective and fast price. Therefore, business people can focus more on developing their business.

Mekari Journal can be accessed flexibly, for various devices and at any time, as long as it is connected to the internet. Using this accounting program makes it easier for users to create invoices or invoices, check inventory, and create financial reports.
So, Mekari Jurnal makes the preparation of company financial reports easier, safer, faster, more convenient, and the data can be accessed in real-time. Interestingly, Mekari Journal already has a high standard of security, ISO 27001, equivalent to a bank, so that the security of company data is guaranteed.

In addition, the Journal of Mekari has many features in it such as:

Purchase feature in which there is a detailed and complete purchase order and invoice feature.
Automatic creation of invoices and tax calculations.
Preparation of financial reports and other reports.

Stock Management

And many other features.
By using Mekari Journal, you can also access data in real time, anytime and anywhere easily and quickly.